The Supreme Person – Lord Krishna
Cherish the treasure all, the happy day has come, The Supreme Person Lord Krishna has appeared; Mathura The holy place, the all auspicious abode, The Lord and Master of all the cause of causes. O Lord You swiftly moved to Vrindavan after appearance, Accepts Yashoda Nanda your devotees as parents for pleasure; You are the darling of all Vrajavasis, the loved butter theif, O dear enchanter Lord Krishna, I want to sing your glories always. Clad in yellow garment decorated with flowers, You are rising sun, The Divine flute touches Your sweet lips, the sweet music drowns one; Your dance pose of three bends attracts even cupids, O Madan Mohana, O Lord of compassion remove fear of worldy existence, thou salutations. You as cowherd boy from Nandagrama gives happiness to elderly gopis, Positioning Yourself as their son when Brahma stole playfully in illusion; O Lord you are the protector of devotees, the destroyer of miscreants, So push thy onward march, O pious soul a real hero stands for one indeed. Fallen in spine-chilling material world, I am in agony till very end, My heart burns in the fire of sense gratification, I pour butter instead water; One who associates Your devotees and worships You only suffering ceases, I try to take shelter of Your lotus feet as my life and death. When will I meet that Lord Krishna, who is dark in complexion, When will I be able to serve You in various ways, and give a seat in my heart; Decorate with peacock feather, Cook food offer sandalwood paste, other fragnances, O Lord Krishna, the son of Nanda when will these happen, I the fallen soul take pity on me. Such a wicked mind I have, it binds me to this material world to enjoy the senses, To acaryas prayers You answered, Your pure and elevated devotees finally has come; One of Your associates called Srila Prabhupada the expert navigator of material ocean, O Lord hearing Your devotees words I came weeping to Your lotus feet and tell my story. Give thou shelter at Your lotus feet O Lord Krishna even Goddess Lakshmi desires, O Lord I accept my defeat as all my endeavors are useless and sing Your holy name; Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama    Hare Rama     Rama    Rama    Hare Hare.
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