"Pada Seva means to serve the lotus feet of Guru and Krishna.You cannot serve Krishna without Guru, or serve just Guru without serving Krishna. They must be served or offered pada seva simultaneously."-Srila Prabhupada

About Pada Seva

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Pada Seva is a blog cum website of ISKCON Dumdum which is maintained by the ISKCON Dumdum congregational devotees.

What is PadaSeva.in meant for?

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had predicted once that; “Prithivi te ache joto nagar adi gram, sarvatra prachar hoibe mora naam”; which meant that “the holy name will be preached in all the villages and owns of the world.

Based on this desire of Mahaprabhu, the great Vaishnav Acharyas like Srila Prabhupada had dedicated their life to propagate the Holy Names of Krishna across the world. Even now His disciples are working very hard to make the desires of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu come true. May the day soon be there when every city, every place would be vibrating with His Consciousness.

This website and our every social network accounts are nothing but our menial contribution to this divine mission. 

Pāda-sevanam means to serve the lotus feet of the Lord and His devotees. It is one of the nine different process of executing Krishna consciousness. This website is an offering from us to Srila Prabhupada in the same mood of Pada Sevanam, hence the name.

As Srila Prabhupada said many times, current age has an emergency or an urgent need to get the true knowledge of God. Because in today's world most of the people are trying to forget God. Some people publicly say there is no God; others try to sit on the religious hot seat and confidently misrepresent scriptures, thereby misleading society. Therefore Vedic Scriptures always suggest getting the authentic knowledge As It Is from the genuine or bonafide source. This means the source must be under authentic Sampradaya and Guru Parampara.

Srila Prabhupada has invested every moment in translating the scriptures As It Is without concocting or distorting the original meaning. This is the greatest treasure human civilization can ever have.

Our humble intention is to make a menial contribution in spreading this knowledge As It Is.

Whom we are here for?

It is said in the Vedic literature that Eating, sleeping, mating, and defending — these four principles are common in both human beings and animals. A man without an urge for spirituality is no better than an animal. Hence this website is for every human being, with a curious mind who wants to make perfect use of their human birth.

What can you expect?

The purpose of this blog is purely to propagate God-consciousness, a thing which is desperately needed in present-day society so that we can inspire each other in our journey to the supreme. 

Many times we fail to understand how to implement the Transcendental Message into our daily life. We then think these messages are not for the current modern age. Or sometimes some people tend to modernize these messages by mentally concocting thus distorting the original message. But the truth is each and every statement of Vedic Knowledge, without distortion, is eternal for every age. Many a time we think Bhakti or Devotional Activity means we have to quit our material lifestyle or we are too busy to find time for devotion. But the truth is, there are innumerable ways in which we can serve the Lord.

Therefore our humble approach is to present spiritual knowledge as prescribed in scriptures and relate it to our current age lifestyle, with an attempt to demonstrate how we can adapt ourselves practically to the core principles. We will not be cooking up our own philosophies but presenting what has been passed down to us via Srila Prabhupada and His devotees. We will also be sharing some inspirational posts showing how devotees are doing Devotional Services along with maintaining their mundane lifestyle.

We will share videos, audios, and articles at regular intervals, related to Krishna conscious philosophy. Mostly these would be to give the practical application of The Transcendental Message.

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Feel free to ask any questions related to the philosophies behind the greatest book of philosophy – The Srimad Bhagavad Gita or Srimad Bhagavatam. We would be more than happy to serve you. 

Thanking you once again for showing interest,

Yours in the service of His Divine Grace,

Pada Seva Team!

(ISKCON Dumdum)