The Saviour of the fallen souls
Srila Prabhupada all glories unto you, saviour of the fallen souls, The inaugurator of Krishna Consciousness across the world; I the unworthy servant of Your feet tries to glorify you, On most auspicious appearance day of Yours I humbly pray to you. If I do not remain true to you, Srila Prabhupada, I'll lose everything that I spiritually gained; Your divine words picked me from material nescience, I hold Your lotus feet to get over from this calamity. Your Divine Grace instructed to follow the teachings, Embrace them with all sincerity, make them your very existence; You said I don't need your worship, I want your very self as an offering, That is how you worship the representative of Srila Vyasadeva. With a little knowledge about the spiritual sky I get puffed up, I start thinking myself a liberated soul actually the topmost fool; I forget my ultimate goal and start imitating the pure devotees, Please save me from this mentality as I try to associate thy teachings. Lust, greed, anger and other vices forcefully invade my heart, Soldiers of maya, enemy of Krishna mercilessly tear me apart; As I have fall apart from Your grace which flooded the earth, With love of Krishna, the magnanimous gift ever received. Maya offers me all that I want wealth, women, money, name and fame, I think these are result of my devotion, try to justify my deceptive claim; I will start not remain true to you Srila Prabhupada, surrounded by deviants; To make my position deceitfully strong and I get lost in my path of devotion. Not recognizing my real friends who criticize me when I am wrong, I associate myself with a bunch of fools who always praise me; Forgetting Your glories as the Lord's chosen one I try to eclipse you, I will become bereft of the Lord's greatest boon and Your mercy. I see the material nature dreadful ocean, bodies swept away in dangerous currents; No one can ever swim those waves where deadly aquatics wait for their prey; On that ocean, there is a ship sailing smoothly with the strong wind, Of Hare Krsna maha-mantra in its sail, the best captain Srila Prabhupada steering it. Devotees blissfully chant and dance on the deck, a flag on the mast bears ISKCON, In the middle of the night world is asleep, only the sound of holy name glides through the air; Who will ever want to leave that shelter, I came to You being swept away by the holy name, Mechanically I try to surrender to You even then you appreciate and gave me compassion. In Caitanya Mangala, Srila Locana das Thakura writes about Your appearance, A great Senapati-bhakta would preach Krishna Consciousness proclaimed Mahaprabhu; Yadi Papi Chadi Dharma Dure Dese Yaya Mora Senapati-bhakta Yaibe Tathaya, Srila Prabhupada it is You who made this happen, the divinely empowered personality. If I ever deviate from Your instructions, please bring me back Srila Prabhupada, Help me become free from Maya's allurement as I know now the consequences; My will is weak and heart is impure, but still, I want to receive your grace, My only hope is the blessings of Vaisnavas and the blows from Your Divine Grace. I was unable to serve you in person but make be strong to serve your instructions, You said never ever leave ISKCON, devotee cooperation and GBC is ultimate; Srila Prabhupada makes me a speck of dust at your lotus feet to regain my real identity, I Lokanath Gaura your grand disciple failing, again and again, prays to you.  
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