The eternal Spiritual Master – Lord Balarama
O Lord Balarama the remover of darkest ignorances, You are the actual spiritual master of every living entity; You always appear before the advent of Lord Krishna, Ripen the barren deserted hearts of souls for bhaktilata to grow. O Lord you're the supreme controller of all controllers, O Balarama, You as Ananta Shesha hold the earth on your head; O Lord you enjoy pastimes as king of serpents, My mind serpent has attacked me, O king save me. O Lord you are Lord Ananta the thousand-headed one, The enemy of Dhenukasura, destroyer of lust; The enemy of Dvivida, destroyer of  anger, The enemy of Balvala, destroyer of greed. O Kesava you assumed the form of Lord Balarama, You carry plowshare whose strike fear river Yamuna; O Lord you are Sankarshana, the servitor of Lord Krishna, May that Lord hold me in my devotional service. I wander in forest of material world searching happiness, Smacked hard by unseen destiny falls in a dark ocean of no hope; Gathering all weakest strength with folded hands I pray unto You, Raise me to hold Your lotus feet that nourishes divine auspiciousness. I failed to understand You, lost all my devotion to become materialist, Many weeds grown into my heart, O Haladhara appear to my vision; I drink the nectar of Your beauty as you destroy irreligion of my heart, The very moment inauspiciousness dissipates, awakens ones real identity. No determination to follow religious path, bereft of spiritual practices, I the wicked soul always cheats myself, no trace of devotion unto You; Falling on ground, weeping piteously, no composure in heart I pray to You, O Lord Balarama favour this rogue Your mercy and give me spiritual strength. I take complete refuge in You alone, You are my only hope of deliverance, O Lord Balarama I sing unto with devotion, the eternal spiritual master glories; Vahasi Vapushi Visade Vasanam Jaladabham, Hala-hati-bhiti-milita-yamunabham, Kesava Dhrita-Haladhara-Rupa Jaya Jagadisa Hare Jaya Jagadisa Hare.  
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