The Swing Festival – Jhulan Yatra
Everyone come along for Divine couple is here, The swing festival called Jhulan Yatra begins; Monsoon arrives Radha Govinda engages playfully, Devotees serve the Lord who is hard to please. Beauty of Sri Radha Govinda magnifies boundlessly, Decorated with flower garlands, smelling ever so fragnantly; Lovely curly locks of Sri Krishna simply spell binds ones mind, Srimati Radharani looks mesmerizingly beautiful a spotless lotus. Ashtasakhi headed by lalita visakha expertly serves the Divine couple, Under guidance all manjaris assist the sakhis in devotion of Radha Gopala; Devotees lovingly prepare flower dresses for their Lordships, Such divine couple Sri Radha Krishna is devotees life and soul. O Radha beloved of Madhava, you become pleased even to a beast, O Lord Krishna you give benediction only when Radha is pleased; O Radharani I the fallen soul with ferocious mind pray to you, Engage my mind body words unto serve you the Divine couple. Jhulan Yatra a wonderful opportunity for every soul, Devotees gather serve sing and dance in jubilation; Everywhere tumultuous sound of Harinaam Sankirtan erupts, Ruptures and melts even the stone hearted if heard even by mistake. Decorated with newly blossomed Jasmine flower around the neck, Sri Radha Govinda swings in a forest of Vrindavan under kadam tree; Chance for everyone to ask benediction as Lord is in pleasing mood, I the servant of the servant of Yours longs for service of Divine couple. O all fill your eyes with this sight, these glorious form charm all the worlds, O Radha Govinda decorated with garland of flowers, You delight the Gopis; O Radharani be merciful unto me, give residence in Vrindavan, I worship Krishna - the son of Nanda, the most beautiful form Gopala. I see joy in all directions surrendering to You and blissfully sing, Radhe Jaya Jaya Madhava-dayite, Gokula-taruni-mandala-mahite; Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.  
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