Lord of the Universe – Jagannatha
Reaches heights of mercy as You come on roads, Opening Your arms ready to embrace all of us; With Baladeva and Subhadra on colorful chariots, O Lord of the Universe Jagannatha, who will not be enticed. Devotees sing and dance in jubilation when you take grand ride, No more fasting anymore as palatial prasadam flows for everyone; Whoever takes Your prasadam with transcendental faith love arouses, O Jagannatha who can be more merciful, for I the fallen soul. On shore of ocean, You manifested in a spiritual form of wood, Purusottama-kshetra Nilachala, Your eternal abode of pastimes; Oh what a glory of that place, even asses attains the spiritual form, Veda-vyasa writes even demigods faint again and again by this sight. Your holy place never annihilates, even at dissolution of the Universe, You showed this to your devotee Rishi Markandeya, who took shelter here; O Lord all your devotees desire to stay here at your lotus feet, I still fail to understand the glories, attacked by witch of material desires. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, initiator of congregational chanting, Sings the holy names and dances with devotees in Ratha Yatra; How fortunate souls are they, Your holy name entered holes of ears, May that holy name enter ears of mine into the heart, this Ratha Yatra. Jayadeva Goswami desires to offer Gita Govinda on a cloth, Your devotee went in trance singing, You sung for your devotee; Just by pure desire O my Lord you accepted the offering, I the most fallen, desires Your Holy Name always dance on my tongue. Every devotee offers gifts to you as a loving exchange on Your Ratha Yatra, O Lord your abode is bedecked of jewels with Goddess Laxmi your consort; What can I offer you I the wretched soul, in past You stole minds of Gopis, You being the master of all senses, I offer my mind to your lotus feet. O Lord Jagannatha with wide open lotus eyes, with Baladeva and Subhadra, Giving darshan to all the people, I repeatedly sing Your name and glories; Jagannathah Svami Nayana-Patha-Gami Bhavatu Me, Jaya Jagannatha Jaya Jagannatha Jaya Baladeva Jaya Subhadra Ki Jaya.  
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