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Radha Krishna. Radha’s name is first. Why? Nobody can be better devotee than Radharani. As soon as Radha’s name is there, Krishna is more pleased. That is the way. If we glorify the devotees, the character of the devotees, before the Lord, he is more pleased than to glorify Himself, He directly.

[Srila Prabhupada - conversations, Hawai, 24th April, 1969]

Srimati Radharani has 35 divine auspicious symbols on Her Lotus Palms. The Symbols are listed below -

Right Palm
01 - 05 : Conch
06: Goad
07: Palace
08: Sword
09: Whisk
10: Bow
11: Drum
12: Bolt
13: 2 Carts
14: Pitcher
15: Life Line
16: Fate Line
17: Fortune Line

Left Palm
01 - 05 : Disc
06: Elephant
07: Goad
08: Fan
09: Horse
10: Tree
11: Cow
12: Flag
13: Arrow
14: Javelin
15: Garland
16: Life Line
17: Fate Line
18: Fortune Line


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