To the most powerful destroyer of enemies – Lord Narasingha
To the most powerful destroyer of enemies - Lord Narasingha
Endless material desires within my sinful heart, Headed by lust and duplicity, brilliantly cunning; Lacking the power to perform demanding tasks, O Lord Narasingha Deva behold me, the destroyer of enemies. Shedding tears,  O Lord Narasingha Deva I beg your mercy, Faultlessly to chant the Holy Names and sing them meticulously; Your form makes fear fearful, appear unto my heart, Become pleased unto me, bless with unalloyed devotion. A fact fearsome to the ferocious souls, Auspicious unto the devotees headed by Prahalada; When He will get pleased unto me, I the feckless person, Aghast the devotees surrendered, dear to you. Your divine roar sends sheer fear to the faithless, Destroys all inauspiciousness, sprouts seedlings of all auspicious; Your lotus hands with beautiful nails ripped off Hiranyakasipu, May this Lion form cleanse our thought and actions. Brahma tried to pacify by the utterance of thousand names, Lord Siva called you, the protector of devotees; King Indra called you, O Lord of all sacrifices, Saints prayed as, O supreme shelter we hold your lotus feet. Lord Your fierce form petrified all assembled, Your eternal consort Goddess Laksmi also not dare to; Your dear devotee Prahalada appeases you of all, Your lotus hand on devotees gives fearlessness. O infallible one, my position is precarious, Attracted to sense objects, suffering pains of material desires; Indeed, You are everything, subtle and gross get pleased, Destroyer of enemies, uproot evils unto my heart and be seated. O Lord Narasingha Deva, I humbly offer a garland of flowers, Bowing down to your lotus feet and I repeat your  pranama mantra; Ugram Viram Maha Vishnum Jvalantam Sarvato Mukham, Nrisingham Bhisanam Bhadram Mrutyur Mrutyum Namamy Aham.
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